Our Mission

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to:

  • Extend complex image analysis beyond human capabilities
  • Automatically detect and classify structural patterns
  • Optimize processing time and quality of image-based workflows
  • Augment visual assessments by objective and validated methods

Our Products

  • Adaptable modules for support of specific diagnostic protocols.
  • Productive:
    • DentaliQ ortho – cephalometric analysis
    • DentaliQ modality – image modality classification
  • Pilot / in development:
    • DentaliQ mature – Cervical Vertebral Maturation
    • DentaliQ caries – caries detection / classification
    • OptaliQ glauco – glaucoma detection
    • OptaliQ oct – OCT scan analysis
  • Customer-specific modules on request.
  • Modality, domain and dimensionality agnostic: Applicable to 2D (e.g. x-ray, pupillography) and 3D/4D volume images (e.g. MRI, fMRI, OCT).

Our Platform

  • Expandable artificial intelligence framework:
    • Convolutional Neural Networks for generic structure detection.
    • Common core (e.g. image classification, landmark detection, orientation correction).
    • Modules for specific analytical services.
  • Management tool for generation of high-quality diagnoses through peer-reviewed campaigns by medical experts; used as training data for machine learning.
  • Multiple deployment options: Intra-device (e.g. camera), integration in medical practice software, cloud-ready AI-as-a-Service.


Management Team


Jaroslav Bláha

CEO | Co-Founder
Jaro has 28+ years experience in establishing and operating multi-national innovative IT and project organizations, which implement the forward edge of technology. He has developed his first neural network in 1995.

Tassilo Waldraff

CTO | Co-Founder
Tassilo is an innovator by heart and a developer by definition. He is the head of our deep learning platform and has long experience building large technology labs. His passion is to solve hard problems.


DentaliQ ortho – assists dentists and orthodontists in their stressful daily routine with AI technology that automatically detects and quantifies physiology and pathology of orofacial structures:

  • Cephalometric Analysis
  • Coming soon:
    • Cervical Vertebral Maturation (CVM) Prediction
    • Björk Analysis

DentaliQ ortho is an EU / CE certified MDD class 1 medical device available to dental practitioners via ortho.dentaliq.ai.

Our applications for dentistry are cloud-ready AI-as-a-Service, and also available as libraries for integration with imaging devices and diagnostics software.

DentaliQ caries – systematically robust support of dental caries diagnostics.

DentaliQ caries integrates directly into a dental practice workflow and supports the dentists in their daily routines. It has never been so easy to detect and classify caries.

  • Fully automated
  • Detects tooth decay on x-ray image
  • Classifies detected caries by the ICDAS rules
  • Supports decisions for “drill-or-fill”

DentaliQ caries will be available soon!

DentaliQ mature – uses the Cervical Vertebral Maturation (CVM) and other methods to assess a patient’s maturation stage and in particular the mandibular growth for optimal treatment timing in dentofacial orthopedics.

DentaliQ mature will be available soon!

OptaliQ glauco – supports ophthalmologists’ diagnoses of retinal characteristics.

Opthalmoscopy with fundus photography is a major diagnostic tool. OptaliQ’s artificial intelligence:

  • Will perform immediate automatic indication of early-stage glaucoma and its prevalent variants.
  • Has been trained with thousands of dedicated, peer-reviewed, and validated diagnoses.
  • Enables a roadmap for expansion to support of diagnoses of other diseases.

Proof-of-concept AI modules are already available as libraries for smartphones with clip-on lenses, fundus cameras, and practice management software, as well as AI-as-a-Service for remote usage.

KI-SIGS : Spaces for intelligent healthcare 

KI-SIGS is dedicated to developing an “AI-space for intelligent healthcare systems” in collaboration with northern German AI institutes in Bremen, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein, together with medical technology companies and partners of the university hospitals. See https://ki-sigs.de

CellmatiQ is a network partner in project #1 (of nine), which covers the development and provisioning of AI imaging and diagnostic tools for diseases of the eye (age-related macular degeneration – AMD and retinopathy of central serosa – RCS), in particular to support clinical and home-care prognosis. 



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